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Acanthocalycium glaucum

Acanthocalycium glaucum, also known as Echinopsis glaucina, is one of the most interesting species among the Acanthocalycium. Its characteristics are already described by its name: 'acantha' in Greek means 'spiky', while 'calyx' stands for 'chalice': the buds of Acanthocalycium, in fact, are covered with spines, just like the whole body of the plant; 'glaucum' is connected to the typically cerulean color of the bloom which protects the epidermis of the plant. It is a solitary plant, small in size and of a spherical shape at the beginning, which over time tends to lengthen up to 15 cm in height. It has ribs from which small white areoles are formed, from which black radial spines with a light base sprout (you will rarely see the central spines). In summer you can admire its beautiful yellow flowers. Acanthocalycium glaucum is a perfect choice: its incredible beauty is accompanied by its fast growth.