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Scilla (Variegated)

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On one hand the name of this plant comes from Greek and means "tear apart" or "hurt", one the other hand it makes reference to Scylla, the mythical monster, who lived in the Strait of Messina, to highlight the lands of origin of this plant, that grows in coastal areas, sometimes even directly on the sand. From this small bulb, from long stems among its green leaves, arranged in pairs, white or typically blue flowers bloom, which will brightly color and embellish your flowerbeds or your interiors. But the aesthetic refinement is not its only strong point: since ancient times it is considered a "magic" plant, which was used to drive away evil, as well as to cure cough and kidney problems. The poisonous bulbs have misled many in the past because of their resemblance to onions. Nowadays it is used to obtain powerful rat poisons or insecticides. The great variety of species present in the genus Scylla implies different needs as well. There are tough species, which resist to harsh conditions, and more delicate species – with more abundant and decorative blooms, but less resistant. In general, they require a nice exposition to full sun and, since they live well in the Mediterranean climate from which they are endemic, they like mild temperatures that do not go below 5°C and must be sheltered in winter. It’s important to keep the soil moist to not let the bulb dry out, avoiding however water stagnation, that may cause rotting.