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Notocactus warasii f. variegated (Variegated)

N. warasii in its variegated form represents an exemplar with a very particular look, thanks to its variegation always different in each plant. This cactus is also known as Parodia warasii. Its columnar stem with the growth tufts branching at the base. The yellowish hue of its variegation creates a beautiful contrast with the light green color of the stem, for a very pleasant visual impact. Its ribs are well defined and while growing they assume a slight curvature, presenting at the extremity several woolly and white areoles. The thorns are needle-like, soft and flexible with an intense yellow colour tending to brown. N. warasii f. variegated produces large yellow flowers in the summer, with glossy petals almost transparent, located at the apex of the plant.