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Haworthia (Variegated)

Haworthia cymbiformis f. variegated Haworthia cymbiformis f. variegated
Starting from 4.00€
Haworthia fasciata f. variegated Haworthia fasciata f. variegated
Starting from 3.00€
Haworthia herbacea f. variegated Haworthia herbacea f. variegated
Starting from 14.00€
Haworthia limifolia f. variegated Haworthia limifolia f. variegated
Starting from 8.00€
Haworthia papillosa f. variegata Haworthia papillosa f. variegata
Starting from 12.00€

The name of this plant was given in honor to Adrian Hardy Haworth, one of the first botanists to deal with it. These are small succulents, whose leaves, very variable (from elongated and pointed to almost roundish) are arranged in a rosette shape. During the plant's growth it is possible to observe a horizontal expanse of several rosettes, located close to each other, forming some sort of a green carpet, which is extremely ornamental (the leaves look like a bunch of flowers!). You might be surprised to find out, how many varieties this genus possesses, which differ also in color: brownish leaves, uniform light green ones, with white streaks, with three-dimensional dots, sometimes shiny, that are almost transparent! They are commonly used to decorate interiors of any style, but even more often to enrich any window sill, due to its extravagant shapes. In summer, Haworthia ceases to grow above the ground, using its energy to renew its roots. This plant is a perfect combination of elegance, adaptability to different environments and ease of cultivation; it is ideal for those, who are not very experienced in gardening, but would like to create a small tropical corner in their home!