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Gasteria 'Sakura Fuji' f. variegated (Variegated)

Wonderful succulent not present in nature, but obtained in a Japanese nursery from the crossing of different species of Gasteria, which give life to an exceptionally original hybrid characterized by fan arrangement, in which the long and thick tongue-shaped leaves grow up to even 15 cm long. The foliage takes on an almost marbled appearance thanks to its extremely iridescent tones, which from light green tend to cream or pinkish notes depending on sun exposure. The variegated shape has further areas clearer in the exact points where the chlorophyll is absent: these characteristics will never be the same from one plant to another, therefore each specimen will be absolutely unique! An undulating, almost monstrous, pattern of the tips of the foliage contributes to its uniqueness, giving Gasteria a decidedly dynamic charm.