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Euphorbia cv. Cocklebur f. crested variegated (Variegated)

Euphorbia cv. Cocklebur f. crested variegated is a rare exemplar of succulent very sought after by collectors for its appearance: it has on one side the very particular fan crest, on the other hand, thanks to its variegated form it has yellowish spots or streaks due to the lack of chlorophyll. These two characteristics that are never the same in two or more plants, make this plant unique. In its normal form it is a succulent with a small caudiciform cone-shaped stem, partially sub-terranean, reaches the maximum of 4 cm in diameter, covered by olive green or dark brown tubercles. Its thin light green leaves emerge from the apex of the stems, forming the tufts 3-5 cm long. In the period of vegetative rest this plant drops the leaves to reduce the loss of water, and then put them back in the period of awakening. Also known as Euphorbia japonica, it is a hybrid between 2 species: Euphorbia susannae and Euphorbia bupleurifolia.