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Echinocactus hybrid f. variegated (Variegated)

E. hybrid in its variegated form represents an exemplar with an unique and unmistakable look, thanks to its variegation that never presents itself equal in two plants. For this reason, this cactus is very appreciated by collectors all over the world. It is a plant not present in nature, but generated in nursery starting from cacti of two different genera, Echinocactus grusonii and Ferocactus schwarzii, therefore it is often called also "x Echinoferocactus". The hybrid obtained, from the globose body which at times reaches even remarkable dimensions, has intermediate characteristics between the two genera: on the one hand, the prominent longitudinal ribs and the pale green colours of the stem and bright yellow of the spines are typical of Echinocactus, on the other hand the very long and robust spines, strongly pointed and turned in all directions are a characteristic belonging to the Ferocactus. The shades of variegation alongside the green of the barrel create a beautiful visual impact and overall, the cactus that is obtained has an absolutely brilliant and wild look, perfect to furnish locations of any style!