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Crassula (Variegated)

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Its name derives from Latin and means "fat", probably referring to the thick, fleshy and succulent leaves, able to store abundant water to resist drought of the arid areas from which it comes. These succulents are sometimes also equipped with a light hair, which helps to protect the plant from the sun's rays, making it resistant and strong. The genus includes several hundred species, most of which are similar to small trees, but sometimes they can also be climbing or bushy, perfect for apartments as well as gardens, suitable for any type of ornamental need! Particularly appreciated also for its abundant small, but at the same time very ornamental inflorescences, it also performs important purifying functions, since its leaves have an excellent power of absorption of electronic pollution, as well as the ability to purify the air from harmful chemicals. It is also often used as an auspicious gift, therefore it is commonly known as the "money tree": it is considered useful to wish economic prosperity, good luck and excellent interpersonal relationships. Crassula is a very ornamental succulent, highly resistant, charming and, last but not least, extremely easy to grow, which makes it suitable even for beginners!