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Xerosicyos (Succulents)

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The name of this genus comes from the greek and literally means “dried cucumber”, because it is actually part of the same family of cucumbers and zucchini but, unlike them, it has adapted to survive to the african dry and arid climates. Particularly appreciated for its characteristic flat and rounded leaves, which gave it the nickname of "coin of Madagascar”, this succulent has a climbing character and grows very fast: in a short time it will beautify your homes with its slender and long green stems and unique foliage! Depending on the different species, Xerosicyos maintains its climbing trend, to which are added wonderful and swollen massive caudices that the plant exploit as a water reserve in order to survive even in the severe conditions of periodic drought typical of their native areas. Other times, the same specimen takes advantage of their climbing attitude to cling to supports (which can be special wooden supports or even other plants) and reach the most enlightened areas, which allow them to fully carry out chlorophyll photosynthesis and to maintain their wonderful emerald hue. Despite the light need, Xerosicyos is a genera which prefers not to receive direct sun rays, especially during the warmer periods, since this will risk to burn younger leaves: grow your plants in light spots sheltered from low temperatures, and they will gift you with a luxuriant and fast growth that will soon adorn environments of the most various styles with an original touch that is impossible to go unnoticed.