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Whitesloanea (Succulents)

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Discovered at the beginning of the twentieth century in the desert mountains of Somalia, this genre was conceived only much later; at first it was considered a subcategory of the genus Huernia, while later it was believed to be related to Pseudolithos. Only one scientifically recognized species belongs to this new genus, the Whitesloanea crassa, very similar at first sight in some respects to Astrophytum myriostigma quadricostatum, from which, however, it differs completely due to the inflorescence. Being a plant completely devoid of thorns, but also of the typical poisonous latex that some plants have in their stems, Whitesloanea in its original land has too often become prey to animals, which is why today it is really such a rare and little known plant, so as to making it the object of desire of most expert collectors, who know how to appreciate its true originality and timeless charm.