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Tradescantia (Succulents)

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This genus honors the name of John Tradescant - a young gardener of English origins, who introduced this beautiful succulent to the world. This genus includes more than 70 species, highly appreciated all over the world for its aesthetic appearance and easy cultivation. It is often called "Miserable grass", because it survives even in sub-optimal conditions, even without fertilizer and with poor watering - the characteristics, that make the plant very easy to grow. On the other hand, the main characteristic, that distinguishes this succulent, remains its drooping and prostrate habit, together with the striped and variegated foliage: in fact, its long, fleshy and lanceolate leaves have variegations of the color, that changes from species to species, from bright green to creamy yellow, from white to red-purple. In spring and summer its flowers bloom, which are less conspicuous than the foliage; depending on the species, they have a color, ranging from pink-purple to white, and can be of various sizes, though always formed by three large petals. Tradescantia fear low temperatures, so this plant is more suitable for interiors, where, with moderate sun exposure, it will give you a wonderful mix of colors, together with an attractive waterfall-like appearance.