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Syngonanthus (Succulents)

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Genus consisting of multiple species, most of which belonging to aquatic plants used throughout the world especially to adorn aquariums. Some species are instead a reason of strong interest among collectors for their high ornamental power which, combined with the low need for care, makes them perfect for embellishing your interior spaces. These are succulents united by the thread-like appearance of the foliage, similar to real tufts of grass with different sizes and epidermis in shape and texture; among the plants used for ornamental purposes, the 'Mikado' plant certainly occupies a more prominent position, in which the rigid floral stems, facing upwards and adorned at the apex by golden and finely metallized buds, almost seem like a fire of artifice that will give your spaces a decidedly unusual and unmistakable touch! Being part of the family of aquatic plants, even the species cultivated in the soil for ornamental purposes will however require different care compared to the classic succulents: a softer and more acid substrate, combined with regular, rather frequent watering and a good dose of humidity, will guarantee the your seedling the right habitat for growth, always keeping an eye on so that water stagnation does not occur. Syngonanthus will adapt well to all exposures, however it is necessary to make sure that the young leaves are not too brutally irradiated by the sun's rays: a very bright position but also in partial shade will be perfect so that Syngonanthus can ensure your environments all its charm and its extreme originality!