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Solanum (Succulents)

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The name of this type comes from the Greek and literally means "consolation, comfort", probably referring to its use in the old times as anaesthetic and analgesic. It is an extremely wide genus, which includes the most diverse plants for aesthetics and use: are included herbaceous species that arise spontaneously along the roadside, shrubby species, climbing species and even edible species of daily use, like tomato, eggplant and potato! Most of the plants utilized for ornamental purposes are climbers growing in nature finding physical support in other vegetation, but which in pot can also be exposed on shelves creating wonderful green waterfalls. Extremely appreciated for their delicate flowers on the notes of yellow and white, the real strong point are the berries: after flowering, in fact, these plants are filled with small round fruits with really bright colors, perfect to bring a touch of joy in your environments standing out among all even in the middle of winter, when most of the vegetation will be at rest.