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Rhytidocaulon (Succulents)

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Rhytidocaulon is a very rare kind of succulent from Saudi Arabia, sought after by collectors for their particular appearance. Similar to the genus of the Carallume and Echidnopsis that grow in the same area; Rhytidocaulon differs for the colourations, spots or reliefs that during the growth the plant assumes. It is not by chance that its name comes from the Greek: 'rhytidos' which means crumpled and 'kaulos' which means trunk. These plants love heat and slightly shaded areas; in their natural habitat they usually grow near bushes. Genus much appreciated for the particular inflorescences: the flowers grow along the stem; in various measures with the shape of a five-pointed star; from the petals that can be fleshy or fine, depending on the variety. The colors of the petals vary from green to purple and brown with ciliated margins.