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Psammophora (Succulents)

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Plants of the genus Psammophora grow in South Africa, in sandy and very arid areas. They are succulents that do not reach remarkable heights, but develop horizontally. The epidermis has shades ranging from opaque light green to dark green, sometimes enriched by reddish shades. Its leaves are turgid and fleshy, elongated and in some cases rounded at the apex, whilst in others they assume triangular shape. Psammophora has a peculiarity that helps it to survive in the desert: the leaves are covered with a sticky substance that allows the sand to stick to its surface thus providing protection from sunlight, characteristic that gives the name to the whole genus ( in Greek Psammophora means in fact literally this 'sand carrier'). The flowering period of this lovely plant is winter, giving us beautiful delicate flowers with shades ranging from white, pink and purple. The cultivation of these succulents is not easy because they are subject to radical rot, therefore they need dry and illuminated environments.