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Plumeria (Succulents)

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This genus takes its name from Charles Plumier, a great botany lover, who, at the end of the seventeenth century, was sent on an expedition to the island of Martinique to explore the vegetation; with the Plumeria he started a great branch of botanical  landscape painting. Also commonly known as "Frangipani" or, especially in Sicily, where it is widely cultivated, is known as "Pomelia", this small tree with bright green lanceolate leaves is an exotic plant, particularly searched for decorating interiors, thanks to its extraordinary flowers, gathered in a group on the tops of the branches. These have a waxy appearance, they can be 10 centimeters large and have very bright colors, often strongly accentuated and of varied shades. It is a very resistant and long-lived plant (in its habitat it is not difficult to find centenary Plumeria trees!), as well as being aesthetically marvelous, it also carries with it a profound meaning: its flowers symbolize, according to enthusiasts, friendship and a sign of peace, probably also for this reason the inflorescences of this plant are used in the Hawaiian islands to prepare welcome garlands for guests! That's not all, these lively wonders of nature have the added value of also being pleasantly scented, teleporting you both visually and with its scent into the world of tropical vegetation.