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Monstera (Succulents)

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The Monstera genus includes about thirty species, all of which are extremely ornamental and decorative. The Monstera is an evergreen succulent plant with a bushy or climbing habit, which can reach up to 2 m in height, while in nature it can even exceed 6 m! It has large dark green leaves, slightly rough and perforated - a feature that helps the plant to withstand strong winds present in the areas of its origin. A curious fact regarding its name: some people say that it is called so because of its monstrous sizes (in nature leaves can reach up to 100 cm!), others believe that the plant was called that way because of its edible fruits (which it produces only in its natural habitat), sometimes even unpleasant and pungent. The Monstera is a very resistant plant that is fairly easy to grow, making it ideal for adding an extraordinary tropical touch to your interiors.