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Monanthes (Succulents)

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The name of the genus derives from the Greek and literally means "single flower", referring to the characteristic flower common to all its species, between spring and summer emerging from long stems ending at the apex in a single, extremely characteristic starry flower. Monanthes is native to the Canary Islands, it is a genus that includes a dozen different species, all united by their small size. They are miniature succulents, which maintain heights almost at ground level, rather tending to grow horizontally to give life to a wonderful green carpet of microscopic soft, compact and highly ornamental rosettes. The overall effect obtained is surprisingly that of an unusual emerald bouquet consisting of a multitude of small heads of different sizes, perfect for harmoniously covering large spaces. Another positive feature of this succulent is its ease of cultivation: coming from warm island areas, what Monanthes needs most of all are the abundant brightness and mild temperatures, avoiding direct sunlight especially in the hottest periods. as they could burn. It does not need frequent care, which is why it is a perfect plant even for those who do not believe they have a green thumb or do not have time available, needing very sparse watering and a simple soil as long as it is draining. One precaution: as expected given the area from which it comes, keep Monanthes away from temperatures that are too low and it will be able to repay you with lush rosettes and wonderful unmistakable flowers!