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Massonia (Succulents)

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It is a very particular succulent, consisting of an underground bulb of reduced dimensions, from which only two opposite leaves emerge, flat and wide, which lie on the ground; they can vary considerably in shape, size, as well as in the consistency of the epidermis: it can range from smooth to hairy, from bright green to mottled, sometimes even rough and streaked. The true splendor of this plant are its wonderful flowers, which bloom on the colored stem, starting from the intersection of the foliage and that are arranged in an umbrella shape with their candid colors, made lively and striking by the anthers that are always very bright, varying in color from green to purplish-blue. Perhaps not many know that, in indigenous medicine, the Freemason bulb is of considerable importance for treating multiple diseases, by rubbing the powder that is obtained on the affected parts. The combination of the beauty of the plant and the unmistakable scent of its inflorescences has made this genus truly unique and highly sought after!