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Lewisia (Succulents)

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The name of this wonderful genus was chosen in honor of Meriwether Lewis, an American explorer who during his very long travels discovered first and catalogued several exemplars of of succulents. It is a perennial succulent, particularly appreciated especially for its abundant and showy blooms. The multiple rosettes consist of leaves of an intense glossy green, among which stand out at first sight graceful inflorescences gathered in clusters. Each flower is similar to a daisy for its shape, but it differs for the consistency that appears almost gummy, as well as in particular for the pink or yellow shades, characterized by distinctive lighter shades along the edges, which help to make its petals even more three-dimensional and showy. Each plant, in optimal conditions, can produce up to 50 flowers, giving rise to a real bouquet of breathtaking shades! But Lewisia is undoubtedly strongly loved also for the longevity of the inflorescences, which allows it to adorn the environments for long periods from spring to summer. That’s not all, because this genus, like most succulents, is also suitable for novice growers thanks to the extreme simplicity of its care: very resistant even at low temperatures, Lewisia needs very little water, even in winter it is advisable to stop watering because its only enemy is moisture! In the winter season this genus goes into vegetative rest, sprouting again with the first mild climates and giving you really wonderful scenery!