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Frithia (Succulents)

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Its name was chosen in honor of the English botanist Frank Frith, who discovered it in the early 20th century. These are very small plants, which reach a few centimeters in height but, if they have enough space, they tend to grow horizontally, forming a wonderful carpet. It has rosettes of translucent succulent leaves of a pale green, or sometimes purple, color, with a particular round section at the flattened tip. The flowers are a real peculiarity: although they are not very large, they are of really beautiful shades that vary from yellow, passing through white, to purple at the tips, which make the plant truly unique! Growing in rocky soils in its natural habitat, they tend to remain dug in the soil to protect themselves from drought and the direct sun, making only its tips protrude. They exhibit a truly unusual behavior: on the flattened tips they are almost transparent, like some sort of a window, that allows sunlight to pass through and, therefore, to carry out chlorophyll photosynthesis, despite being dug-in, which otherwise would not be possible. It is an extraordinary example of how nature create wonders even in the midst of adversity!