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Drosanthemum (Succulents)

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The name of this genus comes from the Greek and literally means "with dewy flowers", in reference to the true strength of the succulent, made up of its wonderful daisies that can liven up your environments with the most varied chromatic notes! Consisting of stems covered with a characteristic fleshy foliage with a triangular section, Drosanthemum shows its maximum splendour when used as a covering for rocky terrain or walls, that will be pleasantly adorned by the contrast between its opaque light green epidermis and its large bright flowers; however, it will show strongly showy even in hanging pots, from which the long stems will fall into pleasant colorful waterfalls. Another very loved aspect of Drosanthemum is certainly the extreme adaptability and the low need for care; in fact, it is a succulent perfect for walls or rocky gardens because of its habit of living in very poor substrates, with which even the inflorescences can give their best: the more the soil is poor and draining, in fact, and the more abundant will be the flowering between spring and summer! Lover of direct sunlight, this succulent appreciates the high summer temperatures, while bearing the cold or the rain. As a precaution, we therefore advise you to protect the plant in the winter months and to water it really little: with these reduced attentions, Drosanthemum is perfect even for novice enthusiasts, bringing a charm and a liveliness to your environments that will leave you truly speechless!