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Cerochlamys (Succulents)

Cerochlamis pachyphylla (Hondewater) Cerochlamis pachyphylla (Hondewater)
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Its name derives from Greek and literally means "growth" and "shield", referring to the waxy wrap that covers the plant, protecting it as a shield from the sun and bad weather. According to some classifications this genus includes only one species, the Cerochlamys pachyphylla, while others say that it is more correct to consider four species. These are small succulents consisting of fleshy leaves, with a triangular section, which grow in a few opposite pairs and reach a maximum of a few centimeters in height, tending to develop horizontally to create large expanses of a dark green carpet, which contrasts pleasantly with the large daisy-shaped flowers of extremely bright shades. These plants are very resistant to any climatic and environmental conditions, they do not require frequent care which makes them perfect for adorning indoor and outdoor spaces!