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Brunsvigia (Succulents)

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The Brunsvigia genus includes about 20 species, found mainly in the semi-arid areas of Africa. They are evergreen plants that produce a bulb, usually partially exposed, from which long tongue-shaped leaves emerge, generally hairless, but in the B. radula and B. namaquana species the surface of the foliage is covered with soft pale yellow bristles. Brunsvigia is a deciduous plant, which means that it loses its foliage during rest and then regenerates it in the vegetative period. The real beauty of this genus lies in its wonderful trumpet-shaped inflorescences, very similar to lilies, ranging in color from pale pink to fiery red. The curiosity of this genus is that it is divided into summer and winter species, i.e. some species bloom in spring / summer, others in autumn / winter. Only mature specimens bloom but, if you know how to wait, Brunsvigia will reward you with an unforgettable beauty! Here are some tips for its care and cultivation: Brunsvigia likes spaces in the full sun. It adapts easily to any temperature, withstands temperatures even down to -10 ° C in dry soil conditions. Water regularly during the vegetative period, suspend completely in the period of dormancy. A well-draining and porous soil with a slightly acidic pH is an optimal solution, for example, 2 parts of sand, 1 part of compost and 1 part of pumice. They do not need frequent fertilizations, it is enough to dilute a specific fertilizer with watering once a year.