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Boophone (Succulents)

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This genus includes only 3 species. The name derives from the Greek words "bous" - "ox" and "phontes" - "death", referring to its poisonous bulb, toxic to animals. It has an ovoid bulb of a medium size, from which from 8 to 16 tongue-shaped leaves come out, that are of a color, ranging from light green to bluish-green, up to 50 cm long and arranged in a fan shape. During the flowering period, it produces a long peduncle that groups up to 100 flowers in a particular sphere, of a color that varies from pale pink to fiery red. A curious fact: the poisonous sap of the plant was used by local populations for arrowheads, while the bulb is still used in traditional medicine to treat dermal and ocular infections. The Boophone is a particular plant that will adorn your gardens, giving it a spectacular tropical touch!