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Aptenia (Succulents)

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Its name derives from ancient Greek and literally means "wingless", probably referring to its long stems that prostrate on the ground. This genus includes a set of ground carpeting plants, ideal for covering large areas of land, sunny walls or rock gardens. In fact, they consist of long slender stems that root easily even with very little substrate, covered with beautiful light green leaves, slightly pink in the sun, which generally remain all year round to liven up the surrounding spaces. Due to their appearance, Aptenia plants also lend themselves perfectly to hanging from hanging pots, enchanting you with green and thick waterfalls dotted with small pink or purple flowers, able to last really long compared to other succulents! They are very easy succulents to grow also due to their ability to resist very well to high temperatures, strong sunlight and above all to drought. A peculiarity: its inflorescences show the main characteristic of Aptenia, which is to love heat and light, in fact they open only when they are under the sun!