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Anacampseros (Succulents)

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The name Anacampseros comes from the Greek word "anacampto" which means "to fold, to curve". This perennial succulent species grows in nature in areas characterized by a warm-tropical climate and has fleshy oval leaves of a rosette shape. In the past, some varieties were used for the production of various forms of beer, others were used for medicinal purposes and even in some populations they were considered as a basic ingredient in the preparation of love potions, as they were believed capable of restoring lost love. Anacampseros are perfect plants to decorate your rock gardens and to embellish your houses, balconies and terraces. Here are some tips for its cultivation: It requires a full sun exposure or even partial shade, based on the specie, sun exposure can give it beautiful reddish tinted spots. It is preferable to keep it at mild temperatures, but never below 8 °C, for this reason it is recommended to shelter it during the winter period. Water moderately, only when the soil is completely dry. Once every two weeks in spring and summer, in autumn and winter is enough to water it once every two months. Be careful not to wet the leaves. A substrate rich in minerals but also well draining, in order to avoid water stagnation, is an optimal solution. It can be fertilized once a year in spring or summer, by diluting a limited quantity of specific fertilizer for succulents with watering.