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Agave potatorum f. variegated (Succulents)

The variegated shape of this succulent has yellow or light green areas at the points where chlorophyll is absent, which make each specimen unique in its genus and never exactly the same as the others, therefore extremely sought after by collectors. It is a very variable succulent, loved for its perfect symmetry and the changing colors of its leaves. It has a rosette, which sometimes even reaches considerable diameters, consisting of leaves that in the normal form vary from light green to glaucous grayish-white, slightly fleshy and very rigid, oblong and ending in sharp brown tips, surrounded by slight dark indentations and hard. The name of the species literally means "Agave of the drinkers", referring to the extravagant use of this plant: in addition to being extremely ornamental, perhaps not many know that the fermented leaves of Agave potatorum are widely used in the territories of origin to produce drinks alcoholic such as "pulque", a sort of Mexican wine, but also known liqueurs such as Bacanora and Mescal.