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Agave mitis cv. Multicolor (Succulents)

Beautiful succulent not present in nature, but obtained in the nursery from the crossing between two different species of Agave (some attribute them Agave potatorum and Agave celsii as parents), to obtain an absolutely majestic exemplar with an imposing charm. Arranged in a rather open rosette that reaches remarkable dimensions, this plant shows wide leaves, even 50 cm long and strongly pointed at the apex; the foliar shape gently curls, making it look like a boat. The epidermis takes on a pleasant pastel green hue, almost glaucous and opaque; the cultivar 'Multicolor' is so called due to the characteristic cream-coloured margins rather thick and well delineated, that create an obvious color contrast with the rest of the leaves and make the succulent wonderfully ornamental and elegant, perfect to decorate your rooms with a simple and refined style!