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Agave isthmensis (Succulents)

Beautiful Mexican succulent, whose name was chosen in reference to the isthmus of Tehuantepec, territory where the first exemplar was found. In many respects similar to A. potatorum, it has recently been considered a stand-alone species due to the small size of both the plant and the inflorescences compared to the other specimen. Arranged in the typical rosette shape, it has fleshy leaves similar to a spoon, which tend to widen approaching the apex, then ending in a robust and pointed dark, almost black, sting. The margins of the succulent are jagged and slightly wavy, pleasantly dotted with sparse rigid and blackish teeth. The foliar epidermis assumes a pleasant bluish-glaucous hue, made even more opaque and elegant thanks to a sort of whitish plum that covers the entire leaf surface protecting it from atmospheric agents. Overall, this piece is absolutely elegant in its simplicity, perfect to adorn environments with different styles!