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Agave gypsophila cv. Ivory Curls (Succulents)

It is a wonderful cultivar, an exemplar obtained in an Australian nursery from crossings between different species, to obtain a perfect variegated form of A. gypsophila with further peculiar innovations. Arranged in a broad rosette, it is formed by a massive central stem from which develops a rosette of very long and lanceolate leaves, unusually wavy along the margins. Of a beautiful glaucous green extremely opaque and soft, this succulent has along the entire perimeter a wide ivory stripe, which contrasts pleasantly with the short dark dentition of which the edges are studded. It is precisely the clear variegation so clear, combined with the undulation of the margins, to make this exemplar as rare as it is ornamental: its name, literally "ivory curls", fully represents the charm and originality of this exemplary area!