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Agave gentryi (Succulents)

Agave gentryi
Agave gentryi
Pot: 10 cm.
Art. 56523
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Agave gentryi
Agave gentryi
Pot: 16 cm.
Art. 55265
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Succulent with a decidedly majestic and highly showy appearance in the environment. It takes on a typical wide rosette arrangement that reaches, in nature, a diameter of over 2 meters: a real giant among the most imposing of the genus Agave! Its leaves are lanceolate, long and strongly pointed, ending at the apex in a bursting dark sting. The epidermis, of a pleasant greyish-glaucous that turns to the pale green depending on the habitat and the seasons, is adorned by margins thickly covered by whitish or brown teeth; the dentition tends to curl towards the inside of the leaf, sometimes giving the idea of a wide open mouth, from which several common names with which it is commonly known. In spring the majesty of Agave gentryi is enriched by its lively clusters of reddish flowers that bloom at the apex of long stems.