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Agave filifera f. crested (Succulents)

The crested shape of this plant is very loved and sought for its beautiful compact fan arrangement, which makes each exemplar unique and unrepeatable. In its normal form it is a perennial succulent plant, forming medium-sized rosettes, reaching with time up to 65 cm wide. Its leaves are long and narrow, with an upright posture and are characterized by the presence of long white filaments from which it takes the name 'Filifera'. One of her strengths is her resistance to cold, which makes her easy to grow even for newbies. The flowering takes place only on mature specimens (After 10 years) in a spectacular way, generating, on a large central stem up to 2.5 meters, many bell-shaped flowers with a reddish green color. A. Filifera sap is used for the production of a traditional Mexican liqueur called "pulque".