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Agave ferdinandi-regis (Succulents)

The name of this majestic succulent was chosen in honor of Ferdinand, king of Bulgaria. In some apects similar to Agave victoriae-reginae, however, it differs from it for the longer and thinner leaves, more spaced from each other, as well as for the margins that take on reddish-brown tones compared to the silvery ones of the other species. From the typical rosette arrangement, A. fernandi-regis does not exceed 40 cm in diameter, but nevertheless tends to amaze with its truly "real" character due to the triangular section of the long and pointed leaves, plumbed by converging whitish lines that make the leaf surface bluish-green similar to a bud. This species is extremely long-lived: only after over 20 years the plant will produce its unique and very high inflorescences consisting of small reddish flowers!