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Agave durangensis (Succulents)

Majestic succulent, whose name refers to the main native locality, the Mexican area of Durango. Particularly appreciated for its pastel shades, as well as for the imposing size that can reach in nature: it is not uncommon to find, in the lands of origin, specimens over 2 meters high and diameter! It has a very slow growth, becoming ripe, and therefore able to produce its very long spike inflorescences, only after several years; from the typical arrangement to compact and upward facing rosette, it is formed by very long leaves and strongly pointed at the apex, concave and enriched along the margins by showy brownish teeth, in perfect harmony with the rigid black terminal sting. The skin of the succulent takes on a wonderful ashy hue, a very soft and opaque greyish-green that contrasts well with the black of the thorns, for a complex, absolutely pleasant and with great visual impact!