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Aeschynanthus (Succulents)

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This genus is also known as Eschinanto or Escinanto. The name of the genus comes from the Greek words “aischyne” - “shame” and “ànthos” - “flower”, referring to a metaphor that identifies its flowers that are red of shame or modesty. The Aeschynanthus genus includes about 80 species; they are evergreen tropical plants with a climbing or hanging habit, which can reach 1,5-2 m in length. They have flexible but robust stems with dark green elliptical leaves. From late spring to summer, its beautiful tubular flowers bloom, they are of a bright red or intense orange color, which emit a delicate scent when opened. Placed in a hanging pot, the plants of the Aeschynanthus genus are perfect to adorn any corner of your apartment, giving a wonderful touch of color!