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Thelocactus (Monstrous)

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The name of this particular cactus derives from Greek and literally means “nipple cactus”, to identify the particular shape of the large and pronounced tubercles placed along the numerous ribs, on the top of which large downy areoles protrude. It is a spherical and solitary plant, highly appreciated for its perfect symmetry, as well as for the considerable size that adult plants can reach: its grandeur and wild appearance will give your interior an extreme desert charm! Here are some tips for its cultivation: It likes an exposure to full sun in rather airy locations. It is preferable to keep it at mild temperatures, that should never go below 4 °C, for this reason it is recommended to place it in well sheltered and ventilated locations during the winter period. Water with moderation, always making sure that the soil is completely dry between a watering and the next. It is enough to water the plant once a week in spring and summer, once a month in autumn and to suspend watering completely in winter. The best option is a soil suitable for cacti, even better if further mixed with pumice or lapilli. These are plants that do not need frequent fertilization, for that reason it will be sufficient to dilute the fertilizer with watering once a year.