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Echinocactus (Monstrous)


Its name comes from Latin and literally means "hedgehog cactus", referring to the main characteristic of being rich in spines (not all species have a lot of spines, some of them are almost without spines!). It is a genus, consisting of very few species, which are, however, very representative in the cactus family: they usually have a globular shape, but in some cases the can become columnar as they grow, reaching imposing sizes, despite their rather slow growth. The vertical ribs are very marked, enriched by rigid and strong yellow or white spines, which decorate it in an incomparable way. Only after about ten years of life this cactus will show you its large and abundant inflorescences, but don't worry, it is so long-lived that, from that moment, it will continue to bloom for a very long time! It is also commonly known as "mother-in-law's pillow" or "golden ball", because of its massive spherical stem with yellowish spines. It is a symbol of all cacti, and is a must-have in the collections of true experts and enthusiasts!