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Echeveria 'Minibelle' f. monstrous variegated (Monstrous)

The monstrous shape of this succulent has geometric anomalies, for example, sometimes asymmetrical protuberances or leaves of unusual shape, different for each individual exemplar, so much to make each of them absolutely unique and for this extremely sought after by collectors. It is a beautiful succulent obtained in the nursery from the union of still unknown species, extremely showy for its colors that can mix together in a way as harmonious as lively. It has a rosette shape that can reach almost the meter of diameter, formed by long and rather thin leaves, slightly pointed and fleshy, of a nice light green made opaque by the whitish plum that protects it. The epidermis has wonderful yellow streaks in the exact points where the chlorophyll is absent, but that’s not all: even its margins are dyed if the plant is exposed to intense brightness, going to add pinkish-reddish notes and giving it a truly spectacular overall look amplified by bright coral flowers that bloom along peculiar arcuate stems!