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Sedum (Crested)

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Its name means "annual plant", meaning that it is wide spread all over the world, being, in fact, a genus that includes several hundred species. However, this succulent can be considered "annual" also in the sense of its adaptability: it is extremely resistant, perfect for any type of soil (it grows spontaneously even between the cracks in the walls), any temperature (there are species that resist temperatures even below zero degrees), ideal for home decorating (it is of varied shapes and colors, often cascading and of different shades from bright green to purplish-red). Sometimes defined as a "neglected balcony plant": this term means that it does not need any special care, and it survives quite well even without water for prolonged periods, thanks to its fleshy leaves that act as a water reserve! It is perfect for decorating interiors, but also balconies and gardens where other plants would not resist, enriching your spaces with the most varied and lively colors!