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Geohintonia (Crested)

Geohintonia mexicana f. crested Geohintonia mexicana f. crested
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The name was chosen in honor of its discoverer George Hinton. It is a monospecific genus, consisting only of the Geohintonia mexicana. It is a globular cactus, that over time takes on a slight cylindrical shape and has a typical grayish-green color, almost blue. The plant has numerous very marked ribs, where small delicate spines stand out, and often tend to detach over time. From the flattened and downy apex, in spring, wonderful flowers bloom, which are of very lively and decorative magenta shades. It is often thought to be a plant rather difficult to cultivate, as long as in nature it grows in a very limited area of Mexico, on chalky soils: actually, it simply has a moderate and rather slow growth, but its unique appearance will fully reward you!