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Epithelantha (Crested)

Epithelantha bokei f. crested Epithelantha bokei f. crested
Starting from 50.00€
Epithelantha micromeris f. crested Epithelantha micromeris f. crested
Starting from 110.00€

Its name derives from Greek and literally means “flowers on the nipples”, referring to the characteristic that most distinguishes this genus from the Mammillaria, and which describes the formation of the inflorescences directly on the tubercles. For many years it was incorporated into the Mammillaria genus, later it was considered a cactus so particular that one of its species - Epithelantha micromeris - was classified as a genus of its own! They represent small perfect spheres, rarely tending to become cylindrical with age (but in any case do not exceed a few centimeters in height), have green stems, which are covered so thickly with tiny white spines, arranged in an exactly geometric way, that make a kind of underlying color. It becomes so tender, when its small pink flowers bloom, as well as striking, when it shows its bright red fruits. This cactacea is a real marvel in miniature: it is one of the smallest and most beautiful cacti ever!