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Echinocereus (Crested)

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Its name comes from Latin and literally means "spiny candle", in reference to the columnar aspect of the plant, like the genus Cereus, but with a more spiny stem. In nature there are many species of Echinocereus, for this reason they also have very different characteristics: they can grow upright, but can also be creeping or even hanging from the rocks, they have more or less thick spines of different colors, and finally they tend to grow solitary or to gather in bushes. All the species have a common advantage: they have flowers that are among the brightest and most striking of all cacti! They take on very bright colors (often of two different colors) that fade from the center to the ends of the petals, and have the important characteristic of blooming on young plants much longer than other cacti do. It is a wonder of nature, which will make your environment much more lively, even if you pay very little attention to the plant!