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Talinum (Caudex)

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This plant has an african name of still uncertain origins, probably referring to an expensive local ointment with similar properties. It is a highly appreciated caudex due to its considerable size that the barky tuber can develop, sometimes underground but more often exposed above the ground which gives this plant a very pleasant ornamental appearance. In the vegetative period from the caudex herbaceous stems with bright green leaves of different shapes (depending on the species) grow. The leaves enrich the trunk giving it a wilder appearance but at the same time this look makes it suitable for any type of style and environment. Often used to decorate rocky gardens. The indigenous peoples used to use the caudex of this plant to treat wounds, gastro-intestinal problems, inflammatory reactions and even as a stroke prevention, while the leaves were used as soap. It is not easy to find such a versatile plant and perfectly ornamental and original at the same time!

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