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Plectranthus (Caudex)

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The name of this genus derives from the Greek and literally means "spur-shaped flower", in relation to the very original apical inflorescence typically mauve color, almost hooked, which blooms in midsummer, enlivening your rooms with a delicate touch. Made up of many different species, they all share a creeping or falling character, which makes each specimen perfect both for adorning hanging pots and for covering large horizontal spaces by carpeting the ground with its extravagant leaves, as well as to bring a touch of green to sparse walls. thanks to the pleasant climbing character of some of its species. The foliage, generally serrated and often with a shape similar to a heart, is velvety to the touch and, in most species, pleasantly shaded in the most varied shades, for an absolutely unique and high-impact ornamental effect! Perhaps not many know that this genus is also often cultivated as an aromatic plant thanks to the intense smell of incense that emanates into the environment, as well as the mint-like fragrance that its leaves give off when rubbed. That's not all: Plectranthus, thanks to its fragrance, constitutes a very powerful natural mosquito repellent capable of warding off annoying insects already at a young age! According to recent studies, concentrated extracts of Plectranthus have important antimicrobial and balsamic properties, able to fight colds and asthma. There is no other plant in which the extreme ornamental aspect blends so perfectly with the ease of cultivation and, at the same time, with so many benefits for human health!