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Pachira (Caudex)

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The Pachira genus does not have many species, however, all of them are extremely decorative. Its name derives from the indigenous language of Guyana, which probably refers to its fruits, which were highly appreciated by the locals. Pachira is a tropical plant that can reach up to 20 m in height in its natural habitat, while cultivated in a pot, it grows up to 3 m in height. It produces numerous sturdy and flexible stems, which are often intertwined to make the plant even more decorative and ornamental. At the ends of the stems large leaves made up of 5 lobes grow, they are of a bright green color, up to 30 cm long. This plant is very popular not only for its ornamental trunks, but also for its particular inflorescences, which are slightly curled towards the base and show pink or reddish stamens. After flowering, the plant produces edible fruits, often called "wild chestnuts" due to their flavor. In the East it is regarded as a money-carrying plant, so Pachira can be a beautiful gift, which will delight the recipient with its tropical appearance.

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