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Jatropha (Caudex)

Jatropha curcas Jatropha curcas
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This genus, whose name comes from Greek and literally means "healing plant", encloses very different species, from arboreal to shrubby plants, from components of pretty hedges to highly sought-after caudex, much loved by green collectors. It's perfect as indoor plant, where it can show the best of itself and give an ornamental touch, that fits with every style, thanks to the caudex of some species, of the most varied shapes, more or less spherical or elongated, sometimes dug-in to highlight the vegetative part, sometimes exposed out of the ground. It is a succulent, particularly known for the oil, that is extracted from its seeds, used for many purposes: production of lubricants, bath oils, detergents, for lighting and also as fuel for cooking, while some species produce a sap, that stains, so it is used as a hair dye. This multifaceted aspect of it makes it commonly called "green gold of the desert", because it is considered, in many ways, the new earning opportunity of the future!