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Eriospermum (Caudex)

Eriospermum abyssinicum Eriospermum abyssinicum
Starting from 17.50€
Eriospermum cooperi Eriospermum cooperi
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Eriospermum dregei Eriospermum dregei
Starting from 13.00€

The name comes from Greek and literally means "downy seed", in reference to its seeds, covered by a white hairy layer. It is a plant characterized by a woody caudex with a round stem or, in some species, with irregular and very decorative shapes. Besides its important ornamental function, this massive tuber has the equally fundamental task of storing water, so that the plant can resist autonomously, even during long drought periods. From the stems  solitary and erect leaves come out, which are of a lanceolate shape and has prominent parallel veins; afterwards, but sometimes even before the foliage comes out, small star-shaped flowers bloom; in some species they are very peculiar for their reddish stripes. It is a very resistant plant, easy to cultivate and, at the same time, suitable to decorate any environment, thanks to its linearity and extreme solemnity!