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Dudleya (Caudex)

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Its name was chosen in honor of William Russell Dudley, the director of the botany department at the Stanford University. These are beautiful perennial succulents that take the characteristic form of a rosette with its leaves that are usually flattened or tubular. The leaves are characterized by a greenish-gray shade, which is given to them by the waxy patina that covers them: this kind of flour allows the Dudleya to retain water within the foliage, but also to protect itself from too much sun. In nature they grow spontaneously between the cracks of the rocks, in very arid soils, among which they camouflage themselves for their color and for their size. This plant grows very slowly, but it is also very long-lived, therefore it is extremely rare and spectacular to find large rosettes, because it would mean that they are almost 100 years old (this is why they are commonly called "living forever plants")! Due to their strong survival capacity, longevity and especially this peculiar foliage, they are undoubtedly perfect plants to make your garden extremely attractive and suggestive!

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