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Commiphora wightii (Caudex)

It is a plant well known all over the world, more than for its ornamental properties, for its enormous importance from a commercial point of view: in fact, from its woody stem is extracted the "gugul", a sort of scented resin similar to myrrh widely used in Ayurvedic medicine, as well as in herbal medicine to obtain incense sticks. That's not all, in fact a renowned oleoresin rubber is extracted from the bark, exploited in the most varied industrial fields. In nature this plant grows up to over 4 meters in height, developing branched and slender stems covered with papery bark that flakes easily. These specimens are used to being bare for a good part of the year; only in the rainy seasons Commiphora will show graceful rhomboid leaflets with finely jagged edges, whose bright dark green will contrast nicely with the peculiar ivory-colored bark!